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New Year Extravaganza Has Begun!

New Years Extravaganza by Teg
The New Year Extravaganza has officially begun. Take off your coats and stay a while. Check it out below:

Week 1 - December 31st, 2017 - January 7th, 2018

New Years Extravaganza

Welcome to the New Years Extravaganza site-wide Battle of the Houses (BOTH) event. Before you get started, make sure you head over to the Sorting Ceremony to secure your spot in one of the Four Hogwarts houses: GryffindorRavenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Once you've been sorted into your house, you will be able to participate in any contest or event for BOTH.

January 2018 is just around the corner. With a new year and a new forum, TCK wanted to something spectacular and special to encourage activity and interaction across the site. So, to kick off the year and the BOTH event, TCK brings you the New Years Extravaganza.

During the week of December 31st - January 7th, our members will compete against each other to win house points for their houses, $Cool Cash, and other forum-related prizes. Here is the line up for the BOTH New Years Extravaganza event.

Newbie Network

Video Games

Photo Booth

Writer's Tavern

Simply click on any of the links above to be taken to the mini-contest/event for the New Years Extravaganza. This event ends on January 7th, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST, so be sure to get your entries in for each contest by the deadline. We hope you have fun with this event and look forward to seeing your entries.

Battle of the Houses (BOTH)

Battle of the Houses (BOTH) by Teg
A new forum means new ideas. Or, perhaps, old ideas in new ways. To keep people interested and to encourage activity, TCK will be hosting 3 13-week events throughout the year. Battle of the Houses (BOTH) is our first event.

How It Works
Users are sorted into 1 of the 4 Hogwarts Houses (from Harry Potter) based on their responses to the 5 questions in the pinned thread of the Sorting Ceremony. Each user who wishes to participate in the event and any of the contests associated with the event must be sorted. Instructions can be found in the pinned thread. 

The forum where users are sorted is a private forum. Only the threads that you create and any pinned threads within the forum can be seen by you.

Once placed in a house, you will get a username color based on the house group you are sorted into. You and your housemates will compete against other users from the different houses by participating in BOTH contests and events throughout the 13-week period. The house at the end of the event with the most points will win the event and each house member will receive a golden cup for winning the BOTH event.

Each week beginning December 31st, 2017, a BOTH Contest or Event will be posted. Certain weeks may contain multiple contests due to events such as New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, and other holidays. Each time an event or contest(s) is posted, an announcement will be made. You can keep track of BOTH news through the News & Announcements forum or the "News" link in the top navbar and left sidebar.

By the second day of the next week, house points will be totaled & the BOTH Leaderboard Thread will be updated to show current house point totals. An update will also be added to the right sidebar on the news page.

Prizes will vary based on the contest or event. House points, $Cool Cash, and profile "items" are among the most prominent prizes. Other prizes may or may not include custom titles, custom user groups, custom forums, and the likes.

Contests & Events
Be sure to read the first post in any contest thread to ensure that you understand the task and the deadline. All contest end-times are in Eastern Standard Time. Be sure to look up EST to know when deadlines are coming up based on your personal time zone.

Event List
The event list starts in the second post. Each week during the 13-week BOTH event, a post will be added to this thread containing information about the week's contest(s) or event(s). Links will be provided to each individual event as they begin.

Staff Applications

Staff Applications by Teg
TCK is always accepting applications from users who wish to become staff to help out the forum. Here, at TCK, we have three main positions: Administrator, Global Moderator, and Moderator. Of the three, the two described below are the positions users can apply for.

Moderators are assigned to two or three specific forums on the site. They are responsible for moderating their specified forums and enforcing the Site-Wide Rules and ProBoards TOS within their assigned forums. 

Moderators are responsible for brainstorming and coming up with monthly contest and discussion ideas for their assigned forum. They are responsible for assisting with the planning of site-wide events such as Battle of the Houses (BOTH) within the staff lounge.

We need our moderators to be active members of the community. They should be welcoming, encouraging, and should enjoy helping others. If you are interested in becoming a forum Moderator, please complete the application at the end of this post and submit it through Private Message to .

Global Moderator
Global Moderators watch over the entire forum. However, like moderators, they are assigned to two or three specific forums so they can assist moderators with their duties. They are responsible for ensuring that all members adhere to the Site-Wide Rules and ProBoards TOS. 

Typically, Global Moderators are the staff responsible for issuing warnings (written and %). They are held to a higher standard than most members. They are required to be active members of the community, help organize and run contests and events, help advertise and promote the site, and more.

If interested in becoming a Global Moderator, please complete the application at the end of this post and submit it through Private Message to .

*NOTE: Staff will be featured in the header of our site starting on the third tab and going through to the second to the last tab. If chosen, you will need to be okay with having a photograph of you displayed in that area for guests and members to see as they are browsing our forum.

Staff Application

[b]Display Name:[/b]
[b]First Name:[/b]
[b]Applying for:[/b] (Moderator or Global Moderator)
[b]How many boards would you like to be assigned to?:[/b] (2 or 3)
[b]List the 5 forums you'd most like to moderate in the order of preference:[/b]
[b]What experience do you have with the position you are applying for:[/b]
[b]Why should we choose you over other applicants?[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a staff member of our forum?[/b]
[b]URL to selfie:[/b]


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